Merge Data

This function allows you to merge data into AMS from a backup .zip file. This is helpful if data was created on another AMS machine and you need to merge it into the common database.

To merge data:

  1. Before you can merge data, you'll need to create a folder to put the .zip file(s) in. Using Windows File Explorer, navigate to your public local data folder (usually C:\Users\Public\AMSTAC\LocalData). Create a new folder under LocalData called Merge (typically C:\Users\Public\AMSTAC\LocalData\Merge).
  2. Next, move any .zip backup files that you would like to merge into the Merge folder.
  3. Now, in AMS, select Setup, Data Maintenance, and then Merge Data.
  4. Click on the button to the right of the ZIP File to Merge Data From field to select the location of your backup .zip file.
  5. Select the Confirm Zip File button. A message will appear once the file is unzipped and AMS is ready to merge the data. Click OK.
  6. If this is a new installation of AMS and you wish to restore configuration settings from this .zip file, you may select the check box for Update Configuration Settings Too. This is not frequently used.
  7. Select the Merge Data button. The number of records updated will be shown below.

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