Setup - Handheld Support

This section allows you to load your handheld scanner with the files needed to run AMS. These files are copied to your AMS computer when you first install AMS. Once you have loaded AMS on your scanner, you should not need to reload it when power is lost or when shipping it to another location. However, if there is an updated version of AMS for the scanner, or if you get a new scanner, you will need to install the software.

Please note that if you are upgrading to a newer version of AMS, you should uninstall the previous version first. On the scanner, select Windows Start Menu – Settings – System – Remove Programs. Select the version of AMS to uninstall and select Remove. Do not uninstall the SQL or NET files unless instructed by the AMS Help support staff. The latest build of AMS for the handheld can always be downloaded from our website. Please contact us for instructions and a password.

To install AMS:

  1. Place the scanner in the cradle.
  2. The scanner will connect using Windows Mobile Device Center.
  3. Select Copy/Install to Handheld.
  4. A message will pop up on your AMS computer when the process is ready to begin. Select OK to start.
  5. Watch the screen of your handheld scanner to see when the software load is complete. Once it is done, select OK to the message on your AMS computer to confirm.
  6. Continue this process by following the instructions on your screen until all software files are loaded on the handheld.
  7. If a reboot of your handheld is required, a message will display on your computer, instructing you to press and hold the power button on your scanner to reboot. Click OK on this message after rebooting. You may also be required to set the time and date on the handheld under system settings.
  8. You may now select AMS4Mobile from the handheld start menu to run AMS.
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