Scanner/BCR Status

This function shows you the imported records that were scanned with a BCR (or hand held scanner).

  1. Select Scanner.
  2. The Scanner/BCR Status screen is displayed.
  3. The record counters on the left show how many records were imported into AMS. These totals will change according to your selection in the Recent BCR Activity grid to show you the totals for each scanner import.

Three grids show the following updates:

Recent BCR Activity shows the results that were imported into AMS so you can clearly see what was processed.

BCR Data Difference Results allows you to view and reconcile any duplicate data or changes in data. For example, if an address was on file in AMS and you downloaded a new address with the scanner, both addresses will be displayed and a message will tell you which address was kept. If you need to make a correction to the data, you can do that here. In this example, you would select Update with BCR Address if needed.

BCR Link Failures shows any incomplete or corrupt data. This can happen when a label that you scanned is missing required information or if you scan a tally sheet that doesn't exist on your AMS machine. These types of failures are rare, but AMS does notify you when they happen.

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